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Offshore Services and International Tax Planning

Tax Savings and Other Benefits Through the Use of Offshore Services
Over the past two decades a growing number of individuals and businesses have benefit from offshore services in international financial services centres from:

• Reducing tax liability
• Decreasing costs and
• Securing family or corporate assets from political risks and economic instability

By correctly arranging financial affairs and selecting offshore services in a suitable offshore jurisdiction, significant and legal savings can be achieved in a surprising high number of cases. Typically, offshore jurisdictions are international financial service centres that attract international business through low or even no taxes, sophisticated corporate legislation, confidentiality in financial affairs and high political and social stability. Offshore services include incorporation, trusts, funds and banking.

How Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited Can Assist You
Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited can provide offshore services in a professional manner in Seychelles. Through many years of practice we have developed a diverse client base ranging from private individuals to multinational corporations. Our experience enables us to provide a swift and cost-efficient service to our clients.

Incorporation Procedures
a) Inform yourself. Familiarize yourself with the purpose of using offshore services and how offshore services can
    help your business. Please click here for more information on the use of offshore services
b) Select an Offshore Jurisdiction. The selection of a suitable jurisdiction for setting up offshore services is difficult
    and requires careful consideration. Seychelles is an ideal jurisdiction enjoying political and economic stability;
    placed in a convenient time zone and possessing excellent telecommunications system
c) Know your costs
d) Complete Application. Complete and submit a Company Request Form to us, along with the provision of payment.
    Trust & Fiduciary Services Limited will promptly commence the incorporation process. Please click here for
    Company Request Form
d) Payment Procedures. Please contact us for detailed payment information


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