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International funds now find a new home in Seychelles tax efficient and straightforward but thorough regulation makes Seychelles a desirable modern jurisdiction from which to operate unit trusts and other investment vehicles for clients in the Middle East, India, China, the Far East as well as Africa and markets further afield.

Seychelles is a strategically placed as an investment centre for the growing wealth around the Indian Ocean and on the African Continent.

Fund administration flexibility – Seychelles’ funds may be administered in Seychelles, or in a recognized foreign jurisdiction, under a tax-efficient environment, introduced by the Mutual Fund & Hedge Fund Act 2008.

Regulatory requirements have been adapted to suit all types of funds.  A contemporary touch is to provide for hedge fund licenses with a lighter regulatory touch.  These are referred to as ‘Professional Funds’ where licenses are restricted to professional investors, individual and corporate, each making an initial investment of not less than US$.100,000 or its equivalent.

Funds which will have no more than 50 investors, possibly a family or an investment club, and which do not permit an invitation to the public to subscribe, are another important category and referred to as ‘Private Funds’ making Seychelles ideal for Private Unit Trusts and other investment vehicles.

Public Funds’ – those offered to the public for subscription – represent an important opportunity for those funds which sell their units to retail customers to enjoy the advantages of being registered in Seychelles and to enjoy dedicated economic management.

An important attraction of Seychelles is to allow foreign funds which are already licensed in a Recognized Jurisdiction (listed in the Act) to be granted an exemption from a Seychelles license provided they are managed by a Seychelles-licensed fund administrator and listed on a stock exchange in a Recognized Jurisdiction, or where the minimum investment by each investor is not less than US$.100,000.  These ‘Exempt Foreign Funds’ will appeal to established fund managers looking for an attractive and congenial jurisdiction from which to operate their fund.


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